Limelight Artist Spotlight: Hayley Legg

Limelight Spotlight: Hayley Legg

Australian folk-rocker performer-YouTube sensation Hayley Legg

There’s a half-joking, half-serious statement about rigorous college academia: “Sleep, social life, good grades.  Pick 2.”

For music a similar adage applies: “Songwriting, performing, and recording.  Choose wisely.”  Most artists can skillfully wield one, fewer hit two, and the rare artist nails all three.

With two self-penned albums, a Songsalive! victory under her belt, and YouTube views in the high seven-figures, Australian artist Hayley Legg may be heading toward that rare trifecta.  She already has a knack for two (writing/recording) and currently focusing more time on the live performing aspect away from her native Australia. Today we turn the Limelight Spotlight on Hayley to ask about her recent cover of Outkast’s crossover smash “Hey Ya”…

Spotlight on Hayley Legg

  • Artist Name + Website: Hayley Legg –
  • Hometown: Sydney, Australia
  • Influenced by: “KT Tunstall, Missy Higgins, Pete Murray, Joni Mitchell”
  • Cover song licensed: “Hey Ya” originally recorded by Outkast
  • The inspiration for the cover: “I didn’t really understand what this song meant until I slowed it down and really listened to the lyrics. I initially chose to cover it because it’s a very catchy pop song, and after slowing it down in my cover version I realized that there was a lot more depth to it. I think everyone can relate to the questions it raises about being in that relationship limbo of happiness, sadness, convenience, staying for the wrong reasons & the value of long-lasting love.”

Hayley is currently in performing in Hong Kong at the Andante Bar in the Novotel Citygate until the end of March, with additional dates posted on her site.  Plans for additional touring in Australia and a self-penned album in 2011 are in the works.

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